Thursday, October 6, 2011


Some people go to the gym, I go to the weaving studio.  I am sort of in awe of the loom.  I am working on a four harness floor loom, and the possibilities are endless.  So, the possibilities must be infinite on an eight harness loom.

A lot of crafty activities require a big initial investment.  Quilting = sewing machine.  Knitting = bamboo needles and alpaca (its the only way to go). Scrap booking = all that shit that is always on sale at Joann's (I don't really look at scrap booking as a true craft, but it is certainly commercialized). But weaving might take the cake.  Looms are EXPENSIVE.  However, I am fortunate in that my dad went through a short lived weaving phase.  It was long enough to buy a loom, which has sat stationary for as long as I can remember.  So, someday, I can nab it.  Sadly it is in Vermont, I am in Nebraska, and who knows where I'll end up...

Shadow weave...I am using the log cabin block as my inspiration for our final project, so I am exploring optical illusions in weaving...there are lots! 

It looks really impressive above, but sadly it is small.  And just a sample.  The real deal needs to be a lot bigger. 

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