Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fiber Fun Addicts

In July I joined a fiber group.  At first I thought it was called "Fiber Fanatics," but it is actually called "Fiber Funatics," which sounds a lot like "Fiber Fun Addicts."  Being in a group has forced me to finish projects on a somewhat faster time frame than usual.  It has also solidly convinced me that in at least some respects, I am a traditionalist.  I am a traditional quilter because functionality is always part of my design.  I want to use the quilts I make.  Small quilts don't keep you warm.  Embellishments are scratchy.  How do you snuggle with a wall hanging?  That said, how do you learn new things when you only make bed quilts?  I need to be a little less practical with my quilting...

Last weekend our show opened at the Bernina Sewing Studio.  Here's the photographic evidence:

Small journal projects.

The scene.  There was lots of food.


My quilt.  Its corn fields.  I spent part of the summer detasseling, and as I willed myself to not quit, I dreamed up corn quilts.  I carefully included seed corn, giant muddy expanses, and its kind of crooked to help the viewer experience the unpredictability of the corn...hehehe.

Its really just crooked because I can't sew straight.  BUT, I quilted this bad boy myself, and it is sort of flat on the wall, SCORE!

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