Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puppy Pal

I am the proud dog mom to two long dogs.  They are really odd mixes that may include elements of the following breeds: basset hound, lab, dachshund, pit bull, viszla, etc.  While they do not generally participate in crafting, they provide endless inspiration.  Even Picasso would agree, apparently he had a dachshund...see below:

A few years ago I used this drawing in everything.  And maybe someone else did too, because on West Coast Crafty, Susan has a project that translates this little line puppy into a stuffed creature.

I am going to a two year old's birthday party on Friday.  I do not have kids.  99.9% of my experience with children is with kids with autism.  While they might not be great at playing with their peers, they seemed to excel at transforming found objects into the coolest thing EVER.  For example, screw an entire hallway full of toys, bring on the white out tape.  But, white out tape seems like kind of a lame birthday present, and I don't have any, so I decided to make a puppy.

I drew the shape on some fabric that used to be curtains in one of my dad's pre-marriage-to-my-mom apartments.  The ears are just sewn into the head seam, so that was super easy.  I even remembered to pin them up so I didn't sew them in the dog's jaw seam.  Maybe and Also (my doggies) like to rock the neck scarf, so this little fellow got one too.  Polka dots always look good on long dogs.  One negative, I forgot about seam allowances, so he is kind of small.  But I checked with a real mom, and she confirmed that he is not a choking hazard.

Also immediately recognized this dog as a friend.  Being the spoiled gal that she is, Also used to have a puppy pal (small microwavable warm pillow thing).  Her facial expression reads as "why isn't this puppy warm?"   

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