Sunday, October 9, 2011

In Progress...

I spent Friday afternoon piecing away.  My machine is being kind of crazy, I think there is something wrong with the bottom tension, but I managed to finish a quilt top.  No pictures yet because it looks totally off pre-quilting.  And quilting won't happen until my walking foot gets here.

In an effort to make a huge dent in my fabric stash before hitting the road again in May, I am making a postage stamp quilt.  I can use scraps, and the seam allowances on all the little pieces will eat up tons of fabric.  Here's the fabric I am using:

One of my favorite fabric stores Pink Chalk Fabrics had a scrap bag sale a few weeks ago.  I totally loved all the fabric (except for the two pieces of holiday themed fabric, ugh) and most of this came in the surprise stash.  This also represents the last (except for backing fabric) fabric I will purchase between now and graduation...If you write it, you have to stick with it, right?

The universe is finally back in line.  Following a huge loss last week, the Huskers smashed Ohio State yesterday.  Well, not really smashed, but after losing most of the game, they ended up winning.  This amazing bus picks up my neighbors on game days. 

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