Sunday, October 9, 2011

Antique Fair

The Lancaster County Event Center has some pretty wild events...A few months ago, we went to the Mother of All Garage Sales, a large hoarder/flea market hot spot.  I fit right in by purchasing a bowling ball, decoy ducks, and a old oil stove.  This weekend it was basically the same deal, but antiques.  Again, I fit in by not purchasing anything.  I don't understand how these people make any money, literally everyone was walking around empty handed talking about how expensive everything was.

Expanse of antiques.  The entire building smelled like a sheep farm, however they claimed it was from a beer festival...
This green medical cabinet was the one item I would have bought if money was abundant.  I would have had to fight Madeleine for it.

Some red, white, and blue quilts.  All several hundred dollars.  I totally sucked at guessing how much quilts were selling for.  I guess my career as an appraiser is over.

Classy dog house. 

Odd kid's clothes for really skinny, super tall people.

Another expensive quilt.

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