Monday, October 3, 2011

Craft Room

A lot of crafty bloggers post awesome pictures of their perfect studio space.  I generally feel a cloud of jealously form over my head as I look at pictures of mason jars lined up filled with buttons, safety pins, and other notions.  These generally rest on a custom made table that allows the maker's machine to function flush with the surface of the table, eliminating that gentle pull from the left that makes all of my work crooked.  Near this perfect table there is usually some nifty shelving that provides a home for the million colorways of cotton, all stacked perfectly.  Do these people every take any fabric away from the perfect piles?  If you were going to take out a yellow polka dot, carefully coordinated to the yellow duck print on one side and the yellow floral on the other, would you have to replace it with another perfect link?

My set up is not much to speak of visually, but functionally, it is almost perfect.  And as compared to some of my sewing set ups over the last several years, it is perfect.  When I got my machine, it became a fixture in the bike room.  Fabric and bike chain grease are not a good match.  The next several living situations didn't have space for my machine to be set up, which meant I never took it out, hence the embroidery phase.

Now I have two tables!  One for sewing and one for cutting.  I have a shelf for fabric.  I have an ironing board and an iron.  And it is all set up so I don't have to get off my ass while sewing.  Amazing.

It isn't quite just a craft room.  I share it with my dog's kennels.  And, as winter rolls in I might have to move my bed in since heating the upstairs seems extravagant.  Nothing perfect lasts forever...

Actually, the little ladies might be the most put together element of the craft room.  Coordinated scarves, every dog's dream.

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