Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stray Dogs

I am sucker for dogs.  They are so cute.  Maybe and Also are the cutest, but others are nice too.  I instinctively chase stray dogs, and I usually catch them.  This summer I had one successful catch and one major fail.  The success was a white boxer who wandered into my yard.  I corralled the guy and tracked down his owners through the vet's office on his rabies tag.  The fail was a giant german shepard.  It was a Sunday, animal control is closed, so you have to keep the dog.  That wasn't an option given the dominant personality of certain dogs who shall remain nameless, maybe.  So, I had to release him...

Today was Sunday.  Not a good day to catch dogs.  And I am in Kansas City, in a dog-free hotel.  And I found two lost dogs.

The first one was running around near a busy intersection.  So I drove over a median, no curbs, don't worry to follow him.  He was really skittish and fast.  There were four cars chasing him.  Probably not the best tactic.  But he ended up running home.  So, it was kind of an anti-climatic dog chase.

A mere four hours later, I was in a less than desirable neighborhood, somewhat lost when I saw a mangy dog wandering in an empty lot.  I screeched to a halt and coaxed him over to me.  He had a collar on, but it only had a rabies tag, no owner information.  So, I was just hanging out with him trying to make a plan when a drunk-ass hobo approached.  I tried to give him the dog, but he didn't want him.  I flagged down to police officers who said they couldn't help.  Thanks.  Luckily a few kids walked by who recognized the dog and knew where it lived.  So, I drove him home.

Maybe dog rescuer is my calling...

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