Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The dogs (more specifically Also) have seriously tested my patience as a mother figure over the past week.  Also has displayed some serious separation anxiety, which according to many online resources is actually my fault.  Apparently treating the dog like a small child and letting her do whatever she pleases does not create an environment where I am regarded as the "boss."  On top of her anxiety, she has a wound on the tip of her ear that was bleeding for several days.  Via an abundance of head shaking, there are reminders of the bloody ear everywhere.  Fortunately the beast has been tamed somewhat.  She has a classy bandage on her head, and she survived two short sojourns in her kennel today. I don't want to celebrate too soon, but this better be the end.

The more Also stressed me out, the more I wanted/needed to quilt to calm myself...The walking foot is amazing. I quilted a whole quilt in three hours and there is only one really obvious tuck in the back (maybe that can be my signature?).  In an effort to use up my fabric stash, I am forced to use fabric I don't really like.  Tastes change, so I have remnants of the days when I thought there wasn't a huge difference between Joann's fabric and real fabric.  HA.  I also have an huge collection of vintage fabric from my Grandma.  While I love this fabric, the small scale prints aren't really my fav.  So, I am making a quilt for my Grandma with all her old fabric.  Goal: Finish this quilt by Christmas.

Also over accessorized this ensemble.  Fake sherpa Ugg-esque dog coat, Husker red collar, and purple camo head bandage that reads as a scarf.  Too much.

But from this angle she looks like a thugged out street lady.  Most dogs couldn't pull off the one ear look...
Patches quilt.  Little patches with nine patch quilting.  Must bind. NOW.

Pile of squares for Grandma's quilt.

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