Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quilt Market: Day Unknown

Differentiating between days was hard enough while they were happening in Houston, but now looking back from afar, it is simply not possible.  Market seems calm know looking back post-Festival.  Note all the open space that days later was stuffed full of scooters, bags, and frantic energy...

Bandana fabric can only be better with some Husker accessorizing.  This stand also had a quilt made of tractor fabric featuring my favorite McCormick Farmall.  Check it out here.  There is some scary stuff too.  Licensed fabric = scary, but sometimes in a good way (ie. Huskeriffic bandana).

Minke Mary!  Check out minke at Shannon Fabrics.   

I am a yarn snob who became a thread snob.  Aurafil rocks...

Aurafil's thread spread.  On a side note, we stared at this spread for a long time waiting for someone to help us.  At a surprising number of booths, we were able to stand around fondling objects with no one making any attempt to help us let alone sell us on their product.  Granted we wouldn't have bought it anyway, I was expecting some sleazy car salesman types and instead it was closer to work-study students at the UNL gym front desk.

Decorated booth rails at Starr Design Fabrics. All hand dyed, reminds me of Vermont. 

I loved the display at Moda.

At the Clover booth they were demoing a new product used to make flowers.  Fabric flowers are all the rage on all kinds of cutesy handmade things, but sometimes it is a hot mess.  Clover has six different plastic templates that help users make perfect petals in different shapes...

Other than our Halloween costume, this one was pretty good.  Its Brandon Mably with a spider on his head.  Also, Kaffe Fassett was behind him, so I did spot him in Houston!

Madeleine of Papago Studio became overwhelmed with all the opportunities to start her own business.  From this wolf fabric to a mushroom themed fabric store, she was all ideas!

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