Thursday, November 10, 2011

Late Adapter...

Trendsetters are often referred to as early adapters.  In terms of using a walking foot to quilt, I could be considered a late adapter.  Quilting in general never really interested me.  I am a piecer.  But, with a crate full of quilt tops, quilting seemed like an inevitable outcome.  I spent the summer mastering the art of wrestling bed size quilts through the Bernette.  The first few attempts were nothing to write home about, but by the end of the summer I was making do.  A much wiser person and quilter mentioned that a walking foot might make quilting easier.  Now, several (probably more than six) months later, I finally got one.  Wow, she was right!  The walking foot is amazing. 

Quilting is a necessity as the weather gets colder here in Nebraska.  Not only will I be spending more time in the sewing room sewing, but due to falling temperatures and dwindling funds, I moved my bed into the sewing room.  Consultation with Black Hills Energy revealed that heating this uninsulated shanty was going to cost many pretty pennies.  Further consultation with furnace repairmen confirmed that moving downstairs would save lots of money.  I have been constructing all sorts of fabric curtains to strategically block doorways.  My seemingly large house is being whittled down to a studio apartment.

The first floor palace. Sewing, homework, and sleeping all in the same room.  Sounds like a disaster...

The walking foot.  Stationary because it moves so fast a camera could never catch it.

Very expensive Aurafil thread that Also tried to eat.

Also also ate other things.  Like banana chips, Bonash (the bonding agent featured in a past appears to be safe for moronic dogs), pin cushions, granola bars...She might possibly have a mild case of separation anxiety. 

The brand new spool of Aurafil that Also attempted to swallow was salvageable, but it can only be used for bobbins because it doesn't spin right on the spool holder.  Gah. 

Good thing I bought this Sulky blendable thread in Houston.  And good thing I kind of like it better than Aurafil...I should be thanking Also for wreaking havoc.

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