Sunday, November 20, 2011

Football. Dogs. Quilt.

My three passions in life: sports, dogs, and quilting.  Not really the sports part, but you sure can't live in Nebraska and not at least pretend that football is the reason your heart continues to pound.  I am pretty good impersonator of a Husker obsessed local.  I have a Husker sweatshirt and red car, so that helps.  Unfortunately the Huskers had to experience the hard reality of losing when Michigan schooled them on Saturday.  Fortunately, I was watching at a sports bar with beer and curly fries, so that helped temper the despair.

Also continues to make progress towards becoming the dog she once was.  Today she ate some garbage and harassed Maybe.  This is a positive given what she was doing last week...

As far as the quilting goes, I am making somewhat slow progress on a quilt for my Grandma.  I am not loving the fabric, but I am still hopeful it will come together.  Also, Grandma is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to crafts.  She assigns grades to the maker's workmanship, so the pressure is on the match up my corners in hopes of an A+.  I think I have her convinced of my knitting, but some crazy rotary cutting this summer probably has her questioning my quilting.

Living the life at Risky's Sports Bar.  Seven is my favorite number and it seems to be the right number of TV's to witness a Husker game on...

Look, she's totally normal.

I have been wanting to make a plus-sign quilt for a while.  The vintage calicoes look nice, but it isn't my favorite.  Yet...

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