Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Binding Tool

I am not a tool user.  I am not very good with hardware tools.  Drills confuse me.  I own one quilting tool called the "Cut Around," and we do not have a successful relationship.

However, I think I found a tool for me.  "The Binding Tool" joins the two binding ends PERFECTLY.  By the time I am binding a quilt, perfection is out the window.  My joining point is usually a bumpy mess.  But whatever, the quilt is done?  That's what I try to convince myself.  Now I don't have to play games with myself to legitimize my imprecise quiltmaking.  I can be perfect too (at least my bindings can be...)

Check out Susan's website that includes links to tutorials.  Not only is the Binding Tool great, but so is Susan!

Here's Susan Brown demoing the Binding Tool. 

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