Friday, February 24, 2012

work, work, work

So much to do, so little time.

Important upcoming events:

March 1st - I-Make/U-Buy: Textiles in the Electronic Retail Age - Check out the details here.  The Printed Bolt will be sharing the story of how we began...

March 2nd - Modern Quilting: DIY Discourse - In return for their generous scholarship, I am presenting my research findings to the Lincoln Quilters Guild.  5:30 PM at the IQSCM.

March 3rd - DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS TO REPEAT. You should probably enter...

March 19th - The old thesis MUST be turned into my committee

March 22-25 - My first quilt retreat in Okoboji, Iowa...Yahoo!

April 2nd - Thesis Defense

(there will probably be things of note between these two dates)

February 2013 - QUILTCON!  The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a conference in Austin, Texas.  I will be presenting my thesis and curating a show of Modern Historical Quilts.  Denyse Schmidt, Bill Kerr/Weeks Ringle, Anna Maria Horner, and more will be lecturing/hosting workshops.  There's going to be a quilt show with cash prizes and a vendor fair so everyone can bring home something special!  Check out all the details here

Sadly, I have no photos of my neurotic quilting I have been obsessing over of late.  But, the dogs are as photogenic as ever...

Also wrapped herself up in my scarf to stay warm.  Its been around 40-50 degrees during the day, so we have pretty much turned the heat off.  Momma can't handle another gas bill over $100...Good thing the dogs are resourceful.

Maybe just woke up from a whole day nap.  Rough life.  Also likes to eat Maybe's collars, so she got a really intimidating leather collar with metal embellishments to ward off her little friend.  Seems to be working...

*Original post had all the above dates listed in May...what the hell is wrong with me...?

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