Sunday, December 11, 2011


The dogs are just too cute.  They are struggling to adjust to the winter weather, so they have been spending even more time than usual lounging around in bed.  Our upcoming journey to the desert will be a welcome dose of warmth for dogs and humans alike.  

On the craft front, instead of finishing Christmas gifts, I have gotten sucked into a new knitting project.  Ravelry is so addicting...And on the homework front, I am taking procrastination to new levels.  What happened to that over-achieving perfectionist? 

The Fiber Fun Addicts had a holiday gathering today, complete with a gift exchange.  I received some awesome cards from the talented Julie...check out her blog!

Maybe and Also wondering "why don't you just write that paper already?"

Maybe and Also wondering "its cold, do we have to get out of bed?"

Also is such an intelligent little thing. She managed to wrap herself up in the flannel sheets.  Why can't she master lay down or shake?

Oops.  I dropped a bag of flour on the dogs today. 

Latest knitting project - natural dyed yarns!!!  I am so glad the dogs don't have cat-like instincts when it comes to yarn.  Also just likes to admire my handiwork. 
The cards from Julie obstructing the paper that I pretty much have no choice but to write.
Holiday attire.  Goodwill was out of ugly sweaters, so we did what anyone would do, rocked ugly 80s dresses.  Maybe is thinking "you aren't leaving the house in that, right?"

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