Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LIfe in Ohio...

Hello blog.  It's been a while...

I moved to Ohio.

I started a new job.

REPEAT is over.

I am not quilting quite as much as I was a few months ago, but getting into the groove of life post-grad school has been less painful than imagined.  For example, I actually am capable of waking up at a normal hour, staying awake all day, and not sewing every few hours.  Sigh...

Turns out Maybe and Also got a bit spoiled with their momma home being a sewing slob for two years.  They HATE spending the day alone.  So much so that Also spends her days at doggie daycare bonding with her manny and the other pups.  Maybe whines at home all day.  They need to get real.   

I have done some sewing.  Had to break in the old sewing room...I've had two awesome quilt finishes since I got to Ohio.  First off, I finished a quilt that my grandma and I pieced last summer.  Grandma just recently celebrated her 90th b-day, so she deserved a quilt, and then some!  This massive chevron monster is hopefully keeping her warm as she watches Dancing with the Stars.  She may be 90, but this lady knows what is up in the world of celebrity gossip.  My classy brother and sister got her a subscription to US Weekly, so she can read that from under her quilt.  BONUS - It has 90 quilting lines to match her 90 years...cliche! 

The next big finish was my Backbone quilt.  A Carolyn Friedlander quilt, this bad boy is one of my favorite quilts I've ever made. 

Too many quilts, not enough space.  Hence the quilt ladder.  I've always wanted one, but the reality of this one isn't quite right...

And here are the little pups.  I haven't had a couch in two years, and while I may have one, I usually don't get a spot on it.  

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  1. love the update!
    backbone looks AWESOME...other stuff does too!