Monday, June 18, 2012

Someone has been busy...

I have been in some sort of post-graduate school haze.  Quilting, quilting, quilting...I literally can't stop.  Here's a snippet of what I have been working on...

This was a super fun quilt to make.  In fact, this was my piecing obsession for most of the winter.  It was so fun...that I have all the blocks pieced for another one!  The pattern and tutorial is generously provided on Oh Fransson!  This quilt was a gift for Mary, the amazingly talented superstar who spends her days at the front desk of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum

Another quilt I have been working on is below.  Mary and Deb were extremely generous and got me a Go! cutting system by AccuQuilt for graduation...It took me about ten minutes to cut all those little triangles, AMAZING!  While I am not generally a huge user of solids, I really like the effect of the flying geese floating in a plane of gray...This quilt is on its way to Deb!

I have several other quilts that are in varying stages of completion, from binding to a little bit more quilting, many more finished quilt reveals are coming!

Also, REPEAT continues to roll on!  Lots of excitement on the blog today...


  1. Gorgeous! I'm spying, Ellen. So nice to get to know your beautiful quilt work. This and postage stamp are two of my favorites.