Saturday, April 7, 2012


The weather in Lincoln has been to die for lately.  If 90 degrees in March doesn't mean global warming is happening, I am not sure what does.  Regardless, the warm weather has been a welcome change for residents of Lincoln living in quarters without insulation (me). 

je t'aime
 I finished the Swoon quilt the other day.  I LOVE IT.  The colors are pretty rad and the design is a cross between vintage and today.  I am petrified to quilt it because my usual wobbly lines don't seem like they will do it justice.  I am going to practice free motion quilting and hopefully tackle this bad boy sometime over the summer. 

Tiny squares, coming right up...

 Since I am scared of quilting, I started another piecing adventure today.  I am making a legitimate postage stamp quilt.  I generally refer to any quilt made of squares, regardless of size, to be a postage stamp quilt.  This is simply not true.  But, following in the footsteps of Rita over at Red Pepper Quilts, I am going for it!  This is a small sample of my fabric for the quilt...

Pretty fabric
Everything over at The Printed Bolt is still in full swing.  We just got our yardage of Michele Rosenboom's fabric the other day, and it's gorgeous. 

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  1. I love how that turned out! The addition of the other blocks is perfect. I about died when I read you were starting a postage stamp quilt. I have been stalking red pepper quilts all week and cut strips of scraps Saturday night. I doughy I will start anytime soon though.