Sunday, March 18, 2012

Modern Quilt Relish at the IQSC

The IQSC is housed in a ten million dollar modern masterpiece.  I jokingly call it MOMA of the Midwest, however there is an odd disconnect for me between the architecture of the building and the presentation of historic quilts.

Museum = art.
Quilts in a museum = art.
Art = visual experience.
Visual experience = look at quilts.

Sometimes I feel like all the other material in the galleries gets in the way of the visual experience...which is why I LOVE the modern quilts from Modern Quilt Relish that are hanging in the atrium right now.

Modern building = modern quilts = perfection.

Modern Quilt Relish Quilts



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  1. Ellen, congrats on your Thesis presentation. I am friends with Jill & Marny through the DSMMQG, they are as wonderful as their quilts. Hope to get to the museum to see the display before it comes down.