Monday, September 12, 2011

Doing it...

I have been a voyeur of the crafty blog community for years. I consider myself a crafty person with most of my energy dedicated to quilting for the past several years.

I intend to use this blog as a mechanism to track my personal odyssey as a quiltmaker. So here's the background:

As a teenager in Vermont, I was a somewhat obsessed knitter. My penchant for natural fibers, ie. alpaca, was breaking the bank. While living in NYC, I frequented Purl Soho to acquire my alpaca fix. One day, while meandering along, I saw it: Purl Patchwork, the new sister fabric store to Purl Soho. I think the window display was all 30s feedsack prints, and I instantly wanted to make something with them (looking back, this is embarrassing. I do NOT like these prints anymore). I signed up for a hand piecing class, and needless to say, I was hooked.

I spent the next two years hand piecing. I made up patterns, cut out templates, traced, cut the fabric pieces, and stitched...a lot. But I never really made anything. I had no interest in quilting. I just pinned the tops to the wall and kept stitching. If I wanted a finished product, I made pillows.

After college, I moved to Arizona. With the carnal urge to knit with wool completely extinguished due to the heat, I was really on a roll with quilting. For my 23rd birthday my parents suggested a gym membership, but I traded it for a sewing machine. Now, I am pretty dependent on the machine. And I finally started finishing quilts. And now I can't stop.

I am in grad school in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I am studying quilts, which just makes me want to make them more!  

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